What the Hell Is Trans-Nirvana?

Trans-Nirvana.com is an attempt to capture in writing the particular Zen required to truly inhabit a trans reality. More specifically, my trans-reality. I have heard from and read about other transgender people that seek to apply an esoteric element to their existence, but try as I might, I have not been able to find anything covering the intricacies of transition and transgender perception as it pertains to ones overall connection to higher consciousness. For me, it is the most important factor (I am transgender after all) and I assume that there are other people seeking the same kind of insight that I am, so absent someone that is likely far more enlightened (I aint), who should be writing this, I will step up and get the ball rolling.

This site will basically be a collection of essays covering my own path to transcendental trans-ness, thoughts on the universal purpose or value of trans existence and a foray or two (or many) into the current zeitgeist of trans existence in western civilization. There may even be a few pieces covering the random bullshit experiences that I get to have by living as a trans person in the good-ol- U.S of A (currently Trumps U.S of A). If you have happened upon this page and want to engage, please feel free to comment on any of the writings or contact me directly. I want this site to be conversational more than a parade of one persons profundities, so jump on board and let’s get this magic carpet flying!